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East Gippsland Rail Trail

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Howitt Park, McEacharn Street, Bairnsdale VIC 3875

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Location: Bairnsdale to Orbost Distance: 96 kilometres one way Track: Generally smooth dirt or gravel track Grade: Level 1 - Suitable for beginners and children. Level 2 - Suitable for most ages and fitness levels, some riding experience recommended. Start: Howitt Park, McEacharn Street, Bairnsdale Finish: Burn Road, Newmerella. The trail ends at Newmerella, but there is an off road shared pathway continuing to Orbost. Experience the diversity of East Gippsland as this trail weaves past undulating farmland, tall forests, rivers and flood plains. Cross historic timber railway bridges and enjoy views of the Gippsland Lakes before arriving at the Snowy River. Bairnsdale to Nicholson (8 kilometres) A fully sealed section of the rail trail offering lake and bushland views, with a highlight being a trestle bridge across the Nicholson River. Stock up on supplies or use of the picnic areas at Nicholson. Nicholson to Bruthen (20 kilometres) Follow the hard packed gravel surface out of Nicholson with views of Slaughterhouse Creek Valley. Take the time to stop and explore the scenic town of Bruthen and enjoy a cheeky refreshment at Bullant Brewery. Bruthen to Nowa Nowa (30 kilometres) Enjoy the cool, shady forest, as you begin your steady climb to Colquhoun on the hard packed gravel surface. A highlight is the iconic Stony Creek Trestle bridge just before reaching Nowa Nowa. In the Colquhoun Forest, the Gippsland Lakes Discovery Trail provides a connection to Lakes Entrance, suitable for mountain bikes only. Nowa Nowa to Orbost (38 kilometres) Ensure you stock up on supplies before departing Nowa Nowa as there are no towns on this long section of the trail. The trail crosses three major wooden trestle bridges, ending at Newmerella, but there is an off road shared pathway that begins at Burn Road and is 2 kilometres to Orbost.
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