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Burra Regional Art Gallery

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5 - 6 Market Street, Burra SA 5417

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Come to the Goyder Region, just next door to Clare Valley, and visit the heritage mining town of Burra. Hidden away in its own little cup-shaped valley, the town's pride and joy is the Burra Regional Art Gallery. This Gallery is situated within the old Telegraph and Post Office building from which J McDouall Stuart sent his message in December 1862, to inform the South Australian authorities that he had successfully crossed Australia. See if you agree with us, that outside the big centres, this is one of the best small regional galleries in Australia. Attend a lively opening or browse our diverse works by emerging and established artists, sourced Australia wide. The gallery is also home to the historic ST Gill collection of 1847 Burra Mine views. Exhibitions details, artist profiles, annual competitions and much more can be found on the gallery website.

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