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Flora River Nature Park

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135 kilometres south west of Katherine, Victoria Highway, Katherine NT 850

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Giwining/Flora River Nature Park protects 25 kilometres of the Flora River. This waterway is fringed with dense riverine vegetation and dotted with deep pools, and an adjacent area of floodplain and savannah woodland - a rich wildlife habitat. Visit Giwining/Flora River Nature Park for short walks, canoeing, boating, camping or relaxing along this perennial spring-fed watercourse. Visit the popular and beautiful Kathleen Falls and Djarrung Falls, and see the 'tufa' formations created by calcium carbonate precipitating out of the springwater. These have grown together over time to create dams picturesquely spanning the Flora River. The park also protects a variety of fish including barramundi, bream, catfish and grunters. Since both the freshwater and estuarine (saltwater) crocodiles are known to inhabit the river, swimming is not recommended. Camp at the well-equipped Djarrung Campground, where picnic facilities and a canoe and small boat ramp are also provided. To access the Park, follow the Victoria Highway west from Katherine for 86km and then follow the access road (suitable for 2WD vehicles during the Dry Season of April to October) for another 36km to the Park entrance. The Park may become inaccessible at times after heavy rain.

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