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325 Blackgate Rd, Torquay VIC 3228

Attractions welcomes Australian Skydive in Torquay, for all your entertainment plus things to do, book your adventure today in your favourite suburb.

Australian Skydive is a leading skydive operator. They operate out of both Torquay Bells Beach and Bridgewater on Loddon. Tandem skydive at Torquay over Bells beach up to 15,000 feet, with a 70 second freefall and five minute canopy ride with amazing views of beautiful Great Ocean Road and Bells Beach. The view will be as mind blowing as the experience. Or tandem skydive over the spectacular Goldfields at Bridgewater on Loddon 15,000 feet. With a great atmosphere and exceptional customer service you will feel more than welcome at both of the drop zones. However, if you want more than tandem skydiving, feel free to take the leap solo. Australian Skydive offer a range of solo skydive training packages at our Bridgewater drop zone. Ranging from the first stage of the course over two days, to the full 'A' licence package over nine days which allows you to skydive solo anywhere in the world. Australian Skydive is committed to providing you with the highest quality skydiving experience that we can possibly deliver. With their products, they offer you 100 per cent adrenaline guaranteed. "The sky is not the limit".

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