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18356 Tasman Highway, Bicheno TAS 7215

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East Coast Natureworld is Tasmania’s premier natural wildlife and Ecology park near Bicheno, on Tasmania’s east coast.

The multi-award winning park is located on 65 hectares (150 acres) of natural parkland and lagoons, north of Bicheno. Here, you can see free-ranging native Australian wildlife up close, including wombats, kangaroos, bettongs, koalas, pademelons, lorikeets, pelicans and swans. Natureworld also operates as a rescue, breeding and rehabilitation sanctuary for orphaned or injured wildlife.

Other features include Devilworld, a state of the art, interactive interpretation centre focussing on the Tasmanian Devil. You can see over 200 snakes and lizards in Reptileworld and witness the after-dark habits of Australian native animals at Nocturnalworld.’

Check out the newly restored East Coast Heritage & mining Display with an 1850’s mine & rescued mining Equipment, while learning about coastal History. Natureworld also has a playground, Old McDonalds Farm, scenic lookout, and walk-through aviaries. Take a scenic flora walk through the forest, or enjoy homemade soup with damper and 'Devil Cream Teas' at the Devil’s Den Cafe.

Animal Feeding and meet the keeper at 10am, 12:30pm and 3:30pm, daily.

Bicheno is a two-hour drive southeast of Launceston (174 kilometres/108 miles).

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