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Hemera Estate formally known as Ross Estate is a 20 year old southern Barossa winery with 110 acres of vines which was originally developed by Darius and Pauline Ross. The reason behind the transition from Ross Estate to Hemera Estate is that our founder Darius Ross finally wished to retire. The business was sold in early 2012, and has since been easing into its transition as Hemera Estate. The new beginning as Hemera Estate will bring a stronger focus to our viticulture, winemaking and overall style. Together these components will reflect the super premium image to which we strive to deliver. Alex Peel, Hemera Estates Winemaker is excited about the future of the company. Our Moto of "a perfect balance between intensity, structure and elegance" will be evident in all our wines. We will have stronger focus on luxury wines and a dedication to over deliver on quality for all our wine ranges. The passionate team at Hemera Estate are constantly looking for ways to continue to provide their customers with high quality premium wines and experiences. Hemera Estate is a five star James Haliday rated winery focusing on sustaining its future as a premium Barossa winery.

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