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1/11 Curdievale Road, Timboon West VIC 3268

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Welcome to Timboon Toybox, beautiful toys for imaginative minds. There is nothing better than hearing the wow as children step into the store and are mesmerised by the toys, games, books, puzzles and treasures that surround them. Timboon Toybox is a collection of items that not only entertain the young but offers games and puzzles that brings together families and friends. There is something here for every age, newborn to 99. Timboon Toybox is a place that offers a unique experience. It is the belief of the owners that you should be able to touch and feel the toys available and have the opportunity to play the games. Children can learn Sleeping Queens or Rat a Tat Cat and adults enjoy making shapes in the kinetic sand. Each product at Timboon Toybox has been lovingly hand picked with importance given to child development, the quality of the product and consideration on its value for money and how much fun it is going to be. There is a wide selection of gifts suitable for the birthday party to the forever treasure a grandparent might give for a first birthday. At Timboon Toybox's there is a strong focus on providing products from suppliers that are environmentally conscious and focus on using sustainable timber and follow fair trade practices to produce their toys. There is a large range of Australian designed and owned companies that the store stocks such as Artiwood and Tiger Tribe. With over 20 suppliers, you will be surprised by the range and quality of gifts available.
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